Erstwhile Windows and Office maker has transformed its business into a digital conglomerate with a number of growth engines.

Microsoft — Revenue Engines ( Picture by author)

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A balanced recommended diet with the constraint of the tight budget in this pandemic is a challenge. It can be addressed to some extent with linear optimisation model

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Technological disruptions are reshaping the operations across industries. In a few years, the lines between tech and non-tech sectors will be blurred as technology gets infused within the conventional industry sector.

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The amount of data that is getting available is increasing super exponentially with the advancement of IoT, sensors and storage capability.

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“One look is worth a thousand words.” These quick data analyses have the potential to improve model prediction accuracy and focussed data pre-processing

Data visualisation based on the code discussed in this article — Image from Author

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It is an art to develop a generalised machine learning model with the minimum required dimensions and ignoring the lesser important features.

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Most business cases relate to predicting a minority class event like fraud, detection of alignment, etc. The prediction accuracy of a rare event for a machine learning model trained on imbalanced data is abysmally bad.

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Pandas is a swiss knife available to data scientist and machine learning professionals. 3 advanced powerful methods for real-life projects

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My journey and career transformation from mechanical engineer to machine learning scientist, and lessons learned

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No need for generic filters provided by Instagram and other services

Images based on the code discussed in this article. The original picture is taken by author

Kaushik Choudhury

Kaushik Choudhury is an experienced Supply Chain Strategy and Digital Transformation manager in one of the Big 4 Consulting firm in the UK.

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